Frequently Asked Questions


Top Questions for your Wedding Photographer

What are your prices?

Of all the main questions for your wedding photographer we hear this one the most and that’s totally understandable. Our complete wedding photographer prices aren’t listed online for a number of reasons but we are happy to share a bit of information with you before we can meet and discuss things on a more personal level. Wedding Collections start at $3,900 with custom options available for smaller weddings and elopements.  

Do you charge a travel fee?

Travel expenses are covered for any weddings between Niagara & Toronto. Outside that range we do charge a small travel fee to cover travel expenses (gas, hotels, flights, and sometime food). Our out-of-town/country packages are custom designed and we’ll talk through that together and work out the travel details.

What’s the wait time for photos after the wedding?

This is one of the more important questions for your wedding photographer as this can greatly change from photographer to photographer. We guarantee our photos will be finished and delivered within 8 weeks of the wedding. Off season and engagement/portrait sessions can often be short than this time, but with film there’s always a few weeks wait for developing and scanning.

How many photos will we receive & how will we receive them?

On average we deliver around 450-600 images per wedding. Our wedding & portrait collections include a wooden heirloom box that will house 100 printed photographs from your session as a printed keepsake. Although many of the images will be captured on film you’ll still receive high resolution digital images on a USB. It’s all the beauty of film with all the conveniences of digital!

How much coverage do we need?

Most of our couples book an 8 hour wedding collection and are quite happy with this. Obviously it varies from wedding to wedding but this amount of time generally covers everything from prep to early dancing. For larger weddings or cultural weddings we recommend bumping this to 10 hours. We always offer help with timelines and work with you to maximize our time with you as well.

Where do we go from here?

Great question! Well first things first. If you haven’t already head over to our Contact page and give us a shout! We’ll do our best to respond right away or within 24 hours. This will get the ball rolling and we’ll aim to set up an in-person meeting straight away to get to know each other more and see if we’re a great fit. We work with couples from all over the globe so if meeting in person isn’t an option we shoot for a Skype/FaceTime chat :)
Assuming that things go great and we want to make this official, we’ll shoot you a booking proposal which can be completed entirely online and in 5 minutes. This includes a contract & deposit both of which are required to make things legit.

Do you offer albums or other printed products?

Absolutely 100%! We believe so much in enjoying and preserving your memories in print! There’s nothing worse than a couple investing so much in their wedding day just to have those precious memories sitting in their sock drawer or on a facebook page. No person should have to scroll past their neighbours lunch photos to view their wedding. The printed product is something we take very seriously and believe every couple should enjoy their photos in print for forever. Ordering a wedding album is an investment you’ll never regret making. You’ll enjoy and view it 25 years from now, and your kids will enjoy it when their 25 themselves! You’re not doing this for you. You’re doing this for your children. Your grandkids. They will want to know about you. And they won’t be able to use a USB key. I can promise you that. To view more printed peices and the products we offer CLICK HERE.

Can we print our own photos?

Yes. Like we just thoroughly explained above, we highly encourage our couple to print their work and enjoy their portraits. We include all images in our wedding collections digitally and print ready up to 11×14 size. After that we encourage our couples to order larger wall prints through us and our professional print labs.

If you have any questions for your wedding photographer we’d love to hear them! We’re open books and would love to help anyway we can!