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Muskoka is one of Canada’s most beautiful regions. The beautiful landscape and rustic, relaxed nature of Muskoka lends itself openly to the majestic beauty for an outdoor woodland wedding with class. We’re are so blessed to consider ourselves a Muskoka wedding photographer.

Muskoka (also know as the District Municipality of Muskoka) is located in Central Ontario and boarders the beautiful Georgian Bay. Major cities included in the region are Huntsville, BraceBridge, and Gravenhurst. The region includes over 1600 Lakes including Lake Rosseau, Lake Joseph, and Lake Muskoka.
Muskoka is known for being cottage country along with the surrounding areas Kawartha Lakes, and Halliburton. It is designed for the true Canadian bride and groom and you’d be hard pressed to find a more perfect spot for your rustic wedding.
Being Wedding Photographers since 2010 we’re looking forward to continuing our expansion from simply being known as Niagara wedding photographers becoming wedding photographers in the Muskoka Area. We have worked with a number of couples from the Muskoka area and we ourselves travel from Niagara to the beautiful woods and cottages up there at least once a year simply for the joy of exploring Muskoka.

We are a husband and wife team of Fine Art Wedding Photographers and Muskoka wedding photographers who’s desire to be Canada’s best wedding photographers has taken them back to film to photograph and document their weddings! Our Fine Art Weddings Approach is different than most wedding photographers in Canada. There’s nothing that can beat the beauty of film photography. Our love for the outdoors and outdoor weddings in the woods is unparalleled. To say that we love the area and would love to be considered a top Muskoka Wedding photographer would be an understatement!
It’s hard to say exactly where the best wedding venues in Muskoka would be. The whole region is filled with incredible beauty! Some top wedding venues in Muskoka would include the Windermere House, The Briars Resort & Spa, Sherwood Inn.

But honestly, if your thinking about a Muskoka Wedding in the Woods, or an Outdoor Woods Wedding, or pretty much any Woodsy Wedding there’s no other place for a couple to look than Muskoka. If you’re looking for inspirations for your Muskoka Wedding Planning hit up Pinterest and searching any of these terms will overflow your mind with ideas: Wedding in the Woods, wedding in the woods ideas, wedding in the woods pinterest, woodland wedding, woodsy wedding ideas, woodsy wedding cake, woodsy wedding invitations, etc. The list of incredible wedding ideas is at your fingertips!

We absolutely love beautiful outdoor ceremonies, but Emma and I would both have to agree that weddings in Muskoka would take the cake! It’s always been one of our favourite locations in Canada and like we’ve said a few times already, Muskoka is the pinnacle location for an outdoor woodland wedding! If you’re interested in reading more about us our open public reviews and testimonials you can do that at: Muskoka Wedding Photographer Reviews. Feel free to check out our latest Muskoka wedding photographer blog post here. It’s the latest trip we took down to the area. And although we’re from Niagara, one day we aim to shortly be known as one of the Top Muskoka Wedding Photographers.

So if you’re looking for a Muskoka Wedding Photographer give us a shout, we’d love to hear from you!

Muskoka Wedding Photographer

Muskoka Wedding Photographer