Grant & Carly // Navy Hall // Niagara Wedding Photography

Let the wedding season begin!! We kicked this year off with a super fun and beautiful wedding! Grant and Carly are an awesome couple who designed their wedding just the way they wanted it and executed it perfectly. Although unconventional, which seemed to be a theme with these two, we started the day with a sneak peak followed by delicious ale and brunch at The Angel Inn. It was unconventional but I hope it catches on :) Their prediction skills were impeccable, choosing the best day of the season for our short lived blossoms and as photographers we couldn’t have been more happy! The entire day was just pure fun. The open homemade pie bar, live music, and great people carried us late into the night with ease. Grant and Carly, you have become wonderful friends. We can’t wait to get together with you soon and share the rest of these with you!

  • Todd said:

    These are great! Grant and Carly are great people and I love that they had such an awesome day. Amazing work.

  • Mary said:

    Absolutely gorgeous pics! It was a wonderful wedding celebration and we had an awesome time!!!!

  • Courtney said:

    Gorgeous as always!
    I looooovveeeeee the picture of the couple by themselves at the table with the picture behind them- so colorful! And the large black and white of the bride, stunning!

  • Suzanne said:

    Stunning! Can't wait to see the rest of the season!