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Sarkis and Louci’s Flamborough Hills Golf & Country Club wedding elopement was an absolute pleasure to photograph. Everything was designed by wedding planner Anna of Spunky Saphire Events and we were honoured to be chosen as the fine art wedding photographers to capture the beauty this amazing team put together! Anna had her own wedding at Flamborough Hills which may have had something to do with the incredible wedding venue being chosen for this event. The remarkable floral arbour was designed by Fleurish Design Studio, a Niagara based wedding floral studio that’s definitely worth checking out. The harvest style reception table was set by Warehouse 84 as well as our good friends at Simply Beautiful Decor. Also both awesome Niagara based wedding rental companies. The wedding invitations and stationery were designed by Deandra of Simply Sealed, and the makeup and hair were done by Love Me Makeup. And the 3 tiered wedding cakes were made by no other than Hamilton’s own Marcia of The Dessert Room.

If you enjoyed this shoot you may also enjoy the wedding flowers of our latest fine art wedding photography workshop, also done by Niagara florist Jessica of Fleurish Design Studio.

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Intimate Flamborough Hills Wedding

A Film Workshop forFine Art Wedding PhotographyImages from the latest Andrew Mark Workshop

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A Film Workshop for Fine Art Wedding Photography

Fine Art Wedding Photography is a new branch of wedding photography that’s hard put your finger on yet so sought after by many industry professionals these days. The phrase coined by world renowned fine art film wedding photographer Jose Villa has taken the wedding photographer world by storm in just a few short years. Changing (and elevating) yet again the new norm for what wedding photography should strive to accomplish.

Fine Art Wedding Photography aims to take on more than simply documenting the wedding day. It strives to go above and beyond what even our bride’s and grooms are able to experience themselves on the day itself. The fine art approach tells the story in a way that soft, beautiful, truthful, and romantic. This new approach aims to create a cohesive collection of imagery that not only tells the story of the day but brings you back to that moment. It sounds cliche I know but it’s the truth.

So how does a your run of the mill digital photographer accomplish this? Here are a few quick tips for how any photographer can adjust their shooting style to fit the fine art wedding photography niche.

1. I believe that true fine art wedding photography must be (at least partially) captured on film. I’m not saying you can’t achieve a fine art look to your wedding photos while shooting digitally, but I am saying that the difference is real, and if your attempting to get that “look” without at least a few film shots as reference you’ll be in trouble. Film brings a life and colour to your images that digital just can’t deliver. The tones, the emotion, and the story it tells is a huge factor in “bringing you back to the moment captured”. Film is key to creating a fine art wedding photography look in your work.

2. I believe that the fine art wedding photographer has a changed mindset and approach to both his/her work and the way he/she tells the story in front of them. This is a little harder to put your finger on. One way in which this statement manifests is through posing & guiding your couples. Finding the right light and posing your couples to look their best in said light is completely necessary to creating the look you’re going for. Yes, there’s a new level of creating that usually needs to take place when transitioning to the fine art approach.

3. Thirdly I believe that a fine art wedding photographer needs to care about their work and their couples. I think most photographers care about their work and couples but transitioning to a fine art approach and applying steps 1 and 2 aren’t easy, or cheap. It’s very expensive to take on film and it’s a ton of work to learn how to fully grab hold of all that it offers. Diving into fine art weddings looks great in the end and the beauty definitely justifies the work in my opinion but it is work, a lot of it. Quite honestly, I still think I could be making more money shooting digital than film, and I’ve been doing this for a few years now. Putting your portfolio ahead of your businesses ultimate final dollar count is necessary for a transition to film. I don’t know many who haven’t had to pay out of pocket film costs to get to where they wanted to be. 

I hope that helps! If you’re a photographer reading this an you have a deep urning to see your portfolio grow closer to that of the fine art look, let me know! I’d love to chat with you and see if maybe a mentoring session or workshop (^^^) would be an awesome investment for you! Here’s a link to a previous workshop we ran earlier this year! If you’re a bride reading this, I hope you learned a little about what we do and why we do it!

A special thank you to all the vendors who made this Andrew Mark Workshop possible:

Bev & JohnDestination Wedding Photographer MexicoPrivate Beachside Wedding in Maya Riviera

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Bev & John’s Destination Wedding in Mexico was an experience to say the least. It’s always a blessing as Fine Art Wedding Photographers to travel the world with our couples and capture some incredible wedding photos with them! Here’s a little of their story. Bev and John found us at home in Toronto searching for Toronto destination wedding photographers. We had coffee and instantly connected. There’s nothing more important that connecting with your photographer. In the months leading up to their destination wedding in Mexico we planned their awesome Cliffside Engagement Session at the Scarborough Bluffs. Later in June we joined up with them and all their guests at YYZ and took off for their wedding in Maya Riviera Mexico! All the guests stayed at the Dreams Riviera Cancun Hotel, a beautiful spot if I may say so myself. 

Travelling to new countries and experience new cultures are some of our favourite things in life. Emma and I have travelled extensively over the last 5 years and shooting destination weddings is a wonderful way to continue to see the world and experience new things. All the while capturing weddings through film photography, priceless. Anyways, back to the details here… Included in our destination packages is a super fun secondary session in the destination location! Bev & John kept things simple and had somewhat of a destination engagement session in Mexico! Their ceremony took place off the Dreams Riviera Cancun Resort as they wanted to have a private wedding on the beach. We all travelled up the coast of Maya Riviera to Grand Coral Beach Club for a more private beach wedding and reception experience. They had a ceremony at sunset on the ocean coast and it was lovely. Exchanging their vows with the ocean breeze and sand beneath their feet with nobody but their guests to admire. It was perfect. The reception was wild and ended in some late night swims. A party to remember! A special thank you to Sabrina of Weddings Riviera Maya for planning everything so well!

If you’re interested in more destination wedding photography check out: Jen & Steve’s destination wedding in Jamaica or Christina & Davin’s destination wedding in the Caribbean 

1:1 Film Photography WorkshopsAn Intimate Morning ElopementQuite Morning at the Woodbourne Inn

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Andrew Mark Photography Workshops

With the recent launch of our new website we have also launched something else brand new; 1:1 Film Workshops! Andrew Mark Photography Workshops are brand new and we’re super excited! There’s an ever growing interest among many photographers in the industry to revive the “art” in their work and take their portfolio to the next level. For many the answer is found in beauty that only film can provide. A completely new perspective to capturing the love we see on a wedding day. These images were captured at the Woodbourne Inn in St. David’s on a cold January afternoon during a 1:1 Film Photography Workshop. Wether you’re a bride or a photographer we hope you find inspiration here. For photographers looking to fire up the passion in your art and pursue the beauty of film in your own work give us a shout!

All images were captured during the 1:1 Andrew Mark Workshop. A huge thank you to the phenomenal Niagara & Toronto wedding vendors that helped make this happen:

Planning & Design: Laura Olsen – @lauraolsenevents
Florals: Bloom & Co. – @bloom_and_co
Paper Goods: Corsivo Calligraphy – @corsivogalligraphy
Venue: Woodbourne Inn – @venue_counsellor
Dress from: Loversland – @loversland
Designer: Stone Fox Bride – @stonefoxbride
Head Piece Jewellery: Blair Nadeau – @blairnadeaumillnery
Film Lab: Photovision – @photovisionprints

For a bride and groom with a similar look as these two check out this engagement session and this wedding *wink wink*