Evelyn & Josh'sAnniversary Session in NiagaraNiagara, Ontario



Let’s talk about Anniversary Sessions for a minute. A session that’s much like a beautiful engagement session but rather than celebrating your engagement your session is now back with a celebration of the year(s) you’ve been married and madly in love. A session that celebrates your marriage, your commitment beyond the “big day” and reminds us of the continuing story of your daily life after “I do”. It’s so beautiful when you look at it that way. It makes me wonder how Anniversary Sessions are second only to weddings! I myself was guilty of this for some years. Emma and I were married for 5 years before we had someone other than us photograph us and that was simply because we were expecting our little Zoe.

As life goes on, as our marriages grow in years and couples become families, let’s not forget that photos are the memories of those stages. Our kids won’t remember what we don’t photograph for them, and our adult memories are never as good as we think they are. Emma and I have now committed to documenting our lives and growing family on a minimum 3 year basis with a professional photographer. Meaning every 3 years we celebrate our Anniversary with a professional photo session not shot by me! We want to remember our lives well, we want to remember our kids lives well, and we want our children and grandchildren to know the life stages we lived together. I’m talking about creating images that mean something and will stand the test of time. Not images that live and die on you cell phone, social media account, or hard drive. Pictures that are viewed, loved, and remembered.

Evelyn & Josh are these people. Evelyn is a phenomenal film photographer herself and knows the value of my rant above. Here’s a little insight into our time together in Niagara last year.

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If you yourself have been putting off doing an anniversary session or it’s simply been 5 or more years since you’ve really created portraits of you relationship or family, I urge you to consider doing something about that! The future you will regret not investing in these moments. You’ll never look back on your 25th wedding anniversary and say to each other: “you know what was a bad investment… that anniversary session we did for our 5 year and those family photos we got of the kids”. Never. Almost everything you buy in life is temporary, images are forever. Think about that now, so the future you doesn’t need to regret the passed years.